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Take your CnR experience to the next level!

Better cars

Members get access to a handpicked collection of cars that regular users don't. In addition to that, they're able to purchase 12-car garages.
Express your style

Members have more clothes to choose from than regular players.
Awesome skins

It's been proven that weapon skins improve your performance in games. This is because they boost your confidence, and help you get better results.
Enhanced chat experience

Select from a wide array of text colors and emojis to enhance your chat messages. Gold Members also get access to the GIF feature!
Connect fast!

Silver Members have unlimited queue priority: they get to the top of the queue as soon as they log in. Gold Members have no idea what a queue is, because they don't even see it.
It's time to upgrade
What are you waiting for?

  • Queue priority
  • More vehicles, clothes, weapon skins
  • More chat colors and emojis
  • Vanity license plates
  • 12-car garages
  • Discord role
  • Change your name
  • Edit your character
  • Skip the queue
  • All the silver perks
  • Even more vehicles, clothes, weapon skins
  • Even more chat colors and emojis, and ability to send GIFs
Get credits that you can store and activate at a later date, or gift to other players. These credits give you all the normal perks when activated, except Discord perks. Buy queue priority alone, without all the other perks, and connect fast! In addition, browse other packages that don't require a subscription.