Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I cancel a subscription

The easiest and fastest way to cancel your subscription is by visiting the Tebex Checkout page.

If that doesn't work, you can check your emails, you should have received an email containing a button to cancel your subscription there.

If that's also not working for you, then you can contact us.

2. What happens when my subscription ends

When your current subscription ends and you don't renew it, you will lose all the perks, but you will keep the premium in-game content that you purchased in your inventory, wardrobe, and vehicles menu, however, those items will become locked. Clothes will not be wearable, but you'll still be able to preview them on your character wherever you are, and any premium clothing that you were wearing before the lock will still remain on your character unless you replace it. Premium vehicles will no longer be available at your location on demand, but you can still go to your garages and get them manually. The same thing happens to any vehicle (premium or not) that is parked inside a premium garage. 

3. What is the difference between subscriptions and credits?

A subscription can only be activated on your account and it will renew every 30 days, while a membership credit is added to your Purchases menu (M > Options > Account > Purchases) menu and you are able to gift it or send it to friends and other users.

4. My subscription renewed but I am in the regular queue (and I don't have perks)

Sometimes the subscription is renewed by Tebex too early, and the one in game has not expired yet. When this happens, the renewed one doesn't automatically activate and it's added to your Purchases menu (M > Options > Account > Purchases) as a credit instead. When this happens, we recommend you to join a server without a queue (usually US2, EU2 and SEA), and activate your membership credit there, then go back to the server you want to join and you will have your queue priority/skip.