Can't Log In?

Can't Log In?

If you're unable to log in to the web store, try the following steps:

Step 1 - Log in to FiveM

Make sure you're using the same account, both in FiveM and here on this website.

  • Open FiveM
  • Click the "Link" button at the top right
  • Follow the steps to log in


Step 2 - Link FiveM to GTA CnR

Next, make sure that you are using your FiveM ( Account in Cops and Robbers V. If you don't remember what you initially chose, try the following:

  • Join Cops and Robbers V (US2, EU2 or SEA recommended if you don't wanna be in queue)
  • After spawning, press M to open your main menu
  • Navigate to Options > Account > Linked Services
  • Make sure FiveM is linked. If not, press "enter" to link it
  • If it doesn't let you, please repeat Step 1


Step 3 - Log in to the store

Log in to the store using the same FiveM account you have linked before.

That's it, this should work! 🔥 If you still experience issues, please contact support.